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Our job is to make your job easier. Our product access, industry knowledge and commitment is all part of the package that sets us apart from everyone else.

We take your requirements for material and services as serious as if they were our own. We want our contribution to meeting the various requirements we receive to be right and do the job they were meant to do. Meeting your deadlines with materials that work is our ultimate goal.

Bar and Shapes Cutting

We offer this service with a standard cut to size tolerance of +or – 1/8” however closer tolerances can be provided. Give us your requirements for your cutting and we will furnish parts to the correct length and on the promise date.


Plate and Sheet Processing

This is a method of providing blanks large or small to do the intended purpose. Tolerance of +or – 1/8” is standard on most sheared parts, and a closer tolerance can be provided. Material can be sheared in thicknesses from 20ga. thru 3/8” and up to 120” in length.

Flame, Plamsa, Laser, and Water Jet Cutting- We provide these services in the different cutting methods to meet your requirements for flatness, close tolerance and fine detail. Flame cutting is generally used where an economical cut is desired or thickness is greater than can be cut by the other methods of cutting. Plasma cutting is for cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminum and thicker Steel.  High Definition Plasma can produce parts that rival lasers in cut quality and tolerances. Laser cutting is meant for the closest tolerances applications with the ability to cut a detailed part. Water Jet is designed to cut thicker parts with fine detail and flatness tolerance not achievable with any other method of cutting.


This is a value process that can add to cost saving by eliminating the need for expensive equipment and supplying the parts needed to keep production at peak levels. Sheared, Formed, Drilled, and Welded are all fabrication processes that Carolina Metal Supply can furnish to save you time and keep your plant producing the products they were intended to make.